DEMA by TradeScore - The Ultimate Potection from Market Manipulation

Unleash the power of TradeScore DEMA, your comprehensive TradingView indicator designed to revolutionize your trading experience. With its unique blend of precision and efficiency, TradeScore DEMA empowers users to identify optimal trade setups with confidence and clarity.


At the heart of TradeScore DEMA lies the double exponential moving average (DEMA), a sophisticated technical indicator renowned for its ability to filter out market noise and reveal underlying trends with remarkable accuracy. By leveraging the 1-hour (yellow line) and 4-hour (red line) DEMAs, TradeScore DEMA provides users with invaluable insights into market dynamics and trend direction.


But TradeScore DEMA is more than just another indicator – it's a versatile tool that adapts to your trading style and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, TradeScore DEMA offers unparalleled flexibility and customization options to suit your needs. From adjusting timeframes to fine-tuning parameters, TradeScore DEMA puts you in control of your trading strategy.


So how does TradeScore DEMA work its magic? It's simple yet powerful. Users are encouraged to focus on lower timeframe charts, such as the 2-minute, 5-minute, or 15-minute chart, to maximize trading opportunities. By adding a 10-period DEMA to their chosen chart from the indicators menu, users can unlock the full potential of TradeScore DEMA.


The magic happens when the current timeframe's 10-period DEMA intersects with both the higher timeframe DEMAs. This alignment signals a high-probability trade setup, providing users with a clear entry point and potential direction for their trades. With TradeScore DEMA by your side, you can trade with confidence, knowing that you're armed with the insights and tools needed to succeed in today's dynamic markets.


But TradeScore DEMA is more than just a trading tool – it's a gateway to a world of possibilities. Whether you're a day trader looking to capitalize on short-term trends or a swing trader seeking to ride the momentum of longer-term moves, TradeScore DEMA offers endless opportunities to enhance your trading performance and achieve your financial goals.


In summary, TradeScore DEMA is your key to unlocking the full potential of your trading strategy. With its unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and ease of use, TradeScore DEMA empowers traders of all skill levels to navigate the markets with precision and confidence. Start your journey to trading success today with TradeScore DEMA – the ultimate TradingView indicator for high-probability trade setups.

How and Why It Works

Watch this video to see a few quick examples of just how TradeScore
DEMA System can protect your trades from market manipulation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can TradeScore DEMA be used on a Mac?
Yes. All TradeScore indicators can be used on any computer that has an internet connection.
Does this work with stocks and indices?
Yes. TradeScore DEMA will work on any TradingView chart.
What timeframes are best for DEMA?
The indicator works on all timeframes but is optimized for 2, 3, 5 and 15 minute charts.
How do I install DEMA?
At checkout we will collect your TV username and add PowerTrendz to you account within 12 hours. We will email you once done and then you will add DEMA from the Invite-Only Scripts section under the indicators tab.
Can I use TradeScore DEMA for passing a prop firm challenge?
Absolutely! DEMA was actually developed for prop firm challenges. With proper risk management, passing a prop firm challenge with this indicator is quite possible.
  • Jaelyn Brand
    I was a complete novice. I had never traded before but had to find some way to earn an income because I lost my job. I found TradeScore on twitter and I have been using their indicators ever since. They work wonderfully for me, and I'm a big fan. Thank you!
    Jaelyn Brand
    Verified TradeScore Customer - 2022